A Haute Minute: Warhol World

Today I must take the time to give some love to one of the most inspiring artists in New York City history, Andy Warhol. His art and his style inspire me everyday. Below are some of my favorite NYC Andy Warhol pictures. I am also uber excited about the Andy Warhol museum in NYC that is actually a hidden gem! Located at Hearst Tower, the home of Harper’s Bazaar, the museum opened in fall 2009. Not many people are familiar with the museum entitled, ” Andy Warhol : The ‘Bazaar’ Years “. It features Warhol’s work with Harper’s Bazaar in the 50s and 60s. This NYC wonder is available for public viewing but by appointment only. So grab your iPhone, if you haven’t already, and call to schedule your visit to see the work of the inspirational Mr. Warhol.

If you can’t make it to Hearst Tower, don’t sweat it. Go check out the Brooklyn Museum today at 2pm for an event hosted by artist and socialite Brigid Berlin as well as Vincent Fremont, former president of Andy Warhol Enterprises and an established filmmaker. Join the two as they talk about what it was really like to work for Andy Warhol. If you can’t make the event today, the exhibition Andy Warhol: The Last Decade will be on display at the Brooklyn Museum until September 12, 2010. The exhibition can actually enhanced by the audio on one’s cell phone, where you can listen to Vincent Fremont and curator Joseph Ketner describe the works as you view them. With all these event’s in Warhol’s name, it would be a sin to miss them all!

This is a sticker I found in my office, loves it!


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