FrockOn Appreciation!

This past Monday, the lovely ladies at and I partied at The Dressing Room in NYC, which I posted on earlier this week. We networked, sipped sangria, and shopped at the same time. Pretty good night if you ask me!  Here are some of the snapshots that I happen to be featured in. For more photos from the FrockOn Appreciation event, click here.

Who: @NYCAngela (me!) // Wearing: Dress & belt : Forever 21, Necklaces & Shoes: H&M

Who: @NomadGypsyWoman (Jacqueline DeLeo) // Wearing: Dress: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Lucky Brand

Jacqueline DeLeo, Angela Samartano, Gabriella Burgos

Jacqueline & myself chatting with Allison Sparkuhl of

The FrockOn girls!!

In order: Geneva White, Jacqueline Massacci, Melanie Pagani, Angela Samartano, Gabriella Burgos


Images: Property of


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