How To: Get the Best Beach Waves

It doesn’t have to be summer all year-long to get some fabulous beach waves. With just a few sprays of  FX Special Effects Shag Spray my waves go from drab to fab. After applying the spray evenly throughout my hair, I french braid my locks and let air dry. In a hurry? You can get the same effect by using a hair dryer on warm after weaving the braid.

I use it almost everyday because it leaves my waves so pronounced but soft at the same time. Shag Spray has been my savior from the evil straightening iron all summer because it looks great without spending hours on your hair. Since breaking off ties with the straightener, my hair has actually grown significantly this summer.

Because I believe in this product so much, I will be giving out a gift bag with FX Special Effects Hair Products to my 400th twitter follower on @NYCAngela, courtesy of the amazing people at LaForce + Stevens! You must also be following my newest twitter for the site, @HAUTENYC In all honestly, whether you win or not – go out and try it! You won’t be disappointed.

First: Spritz Shag Spray through hair.

Second: Weave a tight french braid. Add more Shag Spray if necessary.


Third: Let air dry. Toussle hair with fingers & Enjoy.



check out more products from FX by clicking here.



One Response to How To: Get the Best Beach Waves

  1. melanie says:

    Great advice! I am going to try!

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