Patches of Pumpkins

Now that all of my bikini’s are tucked away for the year, it is time to embrace the beauty of fall foliage. Pumpkin picking is always something I look forward to during autumn. Every once in a while it is a nice to escape the chaos of city life and allow yourself some in the countryside. This yearly ritual between the boyfriend and I is enjoyable for all ages. Despite the negative reputation New Jersey is getting from shows like Jersey Shore, going to these orchards and pumpkin farms made me feel as if we were in a foreign land. Wholesome fun including hay rides, petting zoos, pumpkin patches are so nostalgic of youth family outings. For a little nostalgia in your life, here are my top picks for your favorite fall festivities.

1. A. Casola Farms Holmdel, NJ

2. Battleview Orchards Freehold, NJ

3. Altamont Orchards Altamont, NY


Artistic Imagery

Walking around Tribeca, I found this intriguing piece of street art. Love is the Answer is printed on a banner being held by what looks to be an abstract Albert Einstein. This same street art design is replicated in variations throughout Manhattan; some show a more realistic image of Einstein.  I love the contrast between the crimson walls and the seemingly faded artistry.

One of my favorite things about living in New York City is that it’s very likely to find something new everyday. I am fascinated by street art and believe it can inspire fashion. Even the simplest colors or patterns can catch your eye differently than the next person. Here are some looks that I would like to think were inspired by street art such as this. ❤


Diesel Collection F/W 2010 Striped Tube Dress / $24.80 // Fenix T-Shirt Dress $34.00

New FrockOn Post: Color Craving

Fall weather tends to bring on monotone colors including browns, grays, and blacks. Regardless of the temperature on the thermometer, have your color craving fulfilled on My latest post gives you my top picks for this electric trend. Do you Love it or Hate it?


Fendi Spring 2011

New FrockOn Post: Prep in your Step

Fall is now in full swing and the bitter chill of winter is not far behind. Seeing the leaves tumble to the ground around the F.I.T campus, I instantly began thinking of prep school fashion. This fall, get some prep in your step with the latest trends. Check out some of my top picks, including a fabulous blazer by Aliomi, exclusively on the Love it or Hate it page of