A Haute Minute with Lindsey Calla of Saucy Glossie

Lindsey Calla is the style maven behind the super popular fashion blog SaucyGlossie.com. Lindsey has multiple career paths including being a stylist, blogger, and even models. Her impeccable style has been showcased in glossy’s such as Women’s Health, Gilt Groupe, Cosmopolitan, Elle Japan, WWD, and even Vogue.com. I have been following Lindsey’s blog for quite some time and admire her style as well as her work ethic. Lindsey has made appearances on various television stations throughout the country spreading her love of fashion. SaucyGlossie.com is our look into Lindsey’s world, where readers can check out her latest outfits, appearances, and adventures. My fellow FrockOn writer, Collette Osuna and I were able to get a Haute Minute with Saucy Glossie about style & her obsession with New York City.

HAUTE NYC & FrockOn: What is one piece in your wardrobe that you absolutely cannot live without? Why?

Calla: That is such a hard question! I have a black Chanel blazer that I found at a consignment shop in Sydney that I adore.. It has the most amazing buttons with woven edges and gold interlocking ‘C’s.  It will be in my closet forever.. Also lately I can’t live without my new embossed python Coach tote because it fits my laptop in it which is huge.  It’s hard to find a bag that you can fit your life in but still try to pass it off like a regular purse.

HAUTE NYC & FrockOn: You often blog and tweet about being in NYC. What is your favorite part of New York style, opposed to other cities style and trends?

Calla: New Yorkers are expert adapters. You have to be able to go from day to night quickly and be able to handle constantly changing elements like unfavorable weather.  The challenge is looking chic while still being functional.  I also love the glamour and sophistication of the city.. You can dress to impress any day or time of the week and no one will even look twice at you-unless it’s in a good way ;-)

HAUTE NYC & FrockOn: What advice do you have to give for young girls who aspire to have a blog such as yours? How does one become a successful fashion blogger?

Calla: Find a voice and a style and commit to it.. That’s always the hardest part.  Be authentic to yourself and be fearless.  It’s easy to watch other blogs and other styles and get confused or discouraged, but if you are authentic to yourself then you will always have something truly original.  It’s also important to build relationships and trust with brands and designers.. That’s important in any aspect of the industry.

For Collette & I’s full FrockOn 5 interview with Lindsey Calla check out FrockOn.com


One Response to A Haute Minute with Lindsey Calla of Saucy Glossie

  1. She is stunning! What a role model

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