A Haute Minute with Yvette Rovira

Yvette Rovira is a singer/songwriter with a soulful sound. Yvette has had recent success singing with hip-hop/soul group Lifted Crew and her voice has been featured on MTV and the new VH1 reality series Fantasia For Real . I had the opportunity to interview Yvette about her upcoming projects, style, and more. For my full FrockOn 5 interview check out FrockOn.com.

Angela: How would you describe your signature style? How do you think it has evolved through your years as a musician?

Yvette Rovira: I’d say my signature style is sexy/bohemian. I really love 60’s and 70’s fashion with a dressier edge.

Angela: You describe on your website that your song “City of Lights” was dedicated to your love affair with New York City. What are your top 3 favorite places to shop in NYC and why?

Rovira: My favorite places to shop in NYC would be “All saints”, “Bloomingdales” and this little boutique called “Shatzi” on the upper east side!

Angela: You have recently had great opportunities both singing in Lifted crew as well as your song being featured as the theme song to the new VH1 reality show Fantasia For Real. How has this success helped you to grow and progress as an artist?

Rovira: It’s definitely opened a lot of doors for me. Anytime you have great opportunities, they are rewarding, and reminders that you are on the right path! Any type of love and positive compliments that people give you about the work you do, is humbling and validating at the same time.

Check out FrockOn.com for my full interview!


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