Music Monday: Max Graham

For this week’s Music Monday feature, I have called upon one of my favorite DJs, Max Graham. Graham is a Canadian based composer, producer, and professional DJ. Graham specializes in progressive house and trance music. His songs and remixes have been featured by various artists including Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz. I was lucky enough to get some information directly from the source! Graham’s new album Radio was released on June 25,2010. With the huge success of its first single “Sun in the Winter”, Radio will surely continue to pulse the dance floors straight into 2011.

HAUTE NYC: How old were you when you started to DJ and how do you think you’ve grown since then?
GRAHAM: Well I didn’t start touring until I was about 29, I’ve changed and grown the same in music as I have in life, I no longer wear the same clothes that I did in 1999, I don’t have the same hair style etc… I think we naturally progress through music just like we do in everything else, looking for something new to inspire us. I think if any of us played the same music as ten or even five years ago it wouldn’t work.

HAUTE NYC: What are your biggest influences right now in the music industry right now?

GRAHAM: I would say the people I’m most impressed with are Arty and Protoculture this year, but so many people have been influences both personally and professionally. After taking a year off I was a little concerned about returning to the scene but lots of guys like Markus and Armin were very supportive and it’s been a great year so far.

HAUTE NYC: You recently released your new album entitled Radio this year. My audience is loving the first two singles Sun in the Winter & Nothing Else Matters. Any ideas for what your third single might be?

GRAHAM: Well NEM is actually the third single with Dusky 2010 being the second… We’re talking about possibly releasing “out of the fire” as a single with remixes but that’s still up in the air.

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HAUTE NYC: What is your most memorable experience at a gig and where is your favorite place to play?
GRAHAM: Probably my first gig at Pacha in Buenos Aires, I walked in at 4am, the place was packed the house lights were on and I thought something was wrong, like the fire alarm had been pulled. The lighting guy told me “no they are waiting for you” and as soon as I started they turned down the lights and turned up the sound, I played for four hours to the most incredible crowd and I will never forget that gig. Favorite place? Different places for different reasons, Israel, Tokyo, Colombia, Argentina… so many, some for the food and the culture, some for the girls! haha, some just for the love of dance music.


HAUTE NYC: Your remix of Sun in the Winter was featured on #1 DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 2010 album. Many would consider that a great honor. How did you feel when you found out Armin would be featuring this track?

GRAHAM: Well I was really excited when Oakenfold put Airtight on his compilation in 2001, I’ve since had a few tracks on Armin/Tiesto/Oakenfold comps but yes it’s always an honor that they have chosen yours when they have so many to choose from. 🙂


HAUTE NYC: What advice would you give to new DJ’s just starting on the scene?
GRAHAM: Produce produce produce, while i may not agree with it, the only way to become a successful dj today is to make records. I think it’s quite easy to be successful and rise up IF you make good records. We are always on the look out for new amazing productions and when we find them we play them to death, this is the fastest way to get known as a dj and performer.


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One Response to Music Monday: Max Graham

  1. Mark says:

    Max Graham needs to come back to New York! Sun in the Winter is track and a half.

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