A Haute Minute with Dubraska Sosa

Meet the El Diabla of roller derby, Dubraska Sosa. In the latest Haute Minute, HAUTE NYC’s own Angela chats with Dubraska to find out just how intense roller derby can be. Check out FrockOn.com for my full FrockOn 5 interview!

HAUTE NYC: Not everyone may know a lot about roller derby. What insight to the sport can you provide for us about it? Is it difficult to acquire the skills necessary to play?

Sosa: It’s way more than just roller skating in a circle.  There are complex rules and regulations, a large yet really tight community, and a huge amount of personal dedication.  Most derby teams practice four to five times a weeks, so not only is there a huge time commitment but we spend a huge amount of time together as well.

Although it’s seen as a hobby, we are putting so much time and money and effort into derby.  We really put aside our everyday life to be good at rollerderby.  And it’s not just practicing but personal training, running, biking, and staying in shape as well.

My team has been training and practicing intensely for 5 years and we still haven’t made the top ten teams in the country. It takes so much commitment and work.

HAUTE NYC: How would you describe your personal style? Do you feel that roller derby plays a role on the way you dress?

Sosa: I have a really hard time with this kind of questions so i’ll let several of my friends answer it.
Caldwell: kinda hipster, newsie, shoe slut, from the 80’s and 90’s with a bit of crust punk and bike dork, along with a taste for the ironic.

Jen: sharp and put together.  Kinda like a boyish street charm, with fancy butch.  clean

Margo: Eclectic mix of punk but not punk.  Badass.  A perfect blend of function and fashion

Sena: Faggy butch

On any given day I can be wearing a button down shirt with a tie and shoes that are shiny and slippery and make me fall, but next day I could be wearing a ripped shirt with a tiny hat and shoes with holes in them.  I need to be able to ride my bike but still look presentable for work (and for the ladies after work). I don’t know if derby has influenced my personal style that much.  Maybe it’s given me a slightly more sporty edge on some days, but not a huge amount.


HAUTE NYC: What advice can you give to readers interested in roller derby? What can young women do to get their foot in the door?

Sosa: Go and check out your local roller derby league.  Most leagues are self supporting with tight budgets, so all financial help is always welcome, and we love the fans.
If you’re interested in playing roller derby, put on your skates and practice. Check your local league and find out when they hold try outs and practice practice practice – that’s the only way to get better and learn.  Also, be ready to commit yourself to roller derby.  It’s not for someone who wants a half ass hobby, but it’s extremely rewarding.


For more of this interview, go to FrockOn.com

To get more Dubraska Sosa, check her out on MySpace.


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