Haute Looks: ShopBop Meets Sephora

As if we didn’t love ShopBop.com & Sephora enough on their own, the two are collaborating to mix fashion & beauty. Your favorite online shopping destination is debuting a SEPHORA COLLECTION Palette Color Play 5 in 1 limited-edition palette. ShopBop.com’s “Faces of Fashion” editorial look book will be the inspiration behind the palette. Perfect for any fashionista, it also comes with a portable mirror compact attached for on-the-go touch ups.

Five Color Play 5-in-1 palettes will be available for any type of look you are going for, including Classics Never Die for a saucy brown smoky eye, Boho Bombshell for dark blues, warm taupes & a touch of gold. For a bold look get brights blues, pinks, and purples in the A Nod to Mod palette. The Angelic Boudoir palette includes natural nudes, sands, as well as hints of fuchsia for a subtle pop of glamour.


Model wearing Black is the New Black palette

In my opinion, nothing looks better than a fierce smoky eye. For black smoky eye, the Black is the New Black palette is a great palette to make your eyes pop. On the market as of December 26, these versatile eye shadows are a steal retailing at $30.

Model in Classics Never Die palette


To promote the launch of the collaboration, both ShopBop.com & Sephora will co-sponsor a sweepstakes give contestants a chance to win a $2500 shopping spree at ShopBop. What girl could resist that? Click here for more info about the Faces of Fashion Sweepstakes!

Be sure to pick up your own Color Play 5-in-1 Palette on Sephora.com!


Article by: Angela Samartano

Twitter: @HAUTENYC


Haute Looks: Topsy Turban

Guest blogger Magen Martin gives HAUTE NYC a slice of Miami flavor! She gushes to us about her new favorite trend! Let us know if you think this is a haute look!

Have you ever been hesitant about trying a certain trend? Well, have no fear the turban is here. A local Miami designer named David Acosta first exposed me to the turban trend; he is the head designer of GoldSaturn; a cute and trendy t-shirt, tank, dresses and accessory company based out of Miami. His turbans are the headband style, for those of you who want to play it a bit safe but still be trendy.

Magen in the pitch black turban with her friends!

I own the “pitch black” basic turban, I chose that one so it would be more versatile. I am big fan of black and classic look.

Kourtney Kardashian was recently spotted wearing the Pitch Black- Studded turban. How amazing is that for this local Miami designer to have a celeb wearing his item?


Check out my friend Jacky and her “fun” turban, this one is black with red hearts on it, perfect for the upcoming Valentine Day holiday.




Another great online store for turbans is Something4you on Etsy.com. This designer is also based out of Miami but delivers all over the country. Her style is a bit different from GoldSaturn, she focuses more on the whole-head type turban and her prices range from $4.50 and up, can you believe that? I purchased yet another black turban but this time it was for a Christmas gift. I will definitely be buying more of her turbans.




Article by: Magen Martin

Be sure to check out her tumblr!

Haute Chicks: Maisie May Skidmore


London’s own Maisie May Skidmore is a writer with feminine style & an affinity for 70s fashion. Just like our previous HAUTE Chick Kendra Hagerman, Maisie flew across the Atlantic to be with her FrockOn family earlier this month. It is impossible to deny how fabulous her style is, so of course she is our newest HAUTE Chick. I snapped away at Maisie on the Lower East Side where she donned a chic black hat, fur scarf, and uber flared pants.
HAUTE NYC: How do you describe your personal style? Who are your style icons?
Maisie: I’d describe my personal style as a quirky mish-mash of vintage, high street, and DIY chic. I love to bring a cute vintage dress up to date by altering the hemline, and teaming it with my favorite ankle boots, a little black jacket and a hand knitted scarf. At the moment my style icons are a rotation of Jean Seberg for her sixties simplicity, Rumi Neely from fashiontoast and Morticia Addams, for her black maxis, vamp manicures and all the black lace.
HAUTE NYC: What did you think of the fashion in New York opposed to the fashion in London?

Maisie: I’d say that New Yorkers are infinitely more put together than Londoners. You girls do grunge just as well as we do, but it’s often accompanied immaculate natural make up, or subtle hints of matching colour, whereas in London the goal really is to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed and into your Grandma’s dressing up box. The overall effect is very different. We do love to ladder our tights and smudge our eyeliner, but seeing a beautifully put together New York woman with her glossy curls flying behind her as she hurries down 5th avenue, makes my eyes widen with admiration.



Music Monday: Vic Latino

Radio personality & DJ, Vic Latino has been well known in the music industry for several years. Vic Latino has appeared on various radio stations including, ABC, NBC, and FOX. During his 5 year residency at WKTU 103.5, Vic was able to reach #1 on the New York airwaves amongst one of the hardest age groups, men ages 25-54. Now, Vic Latino holds down his hometown of Long Island on his morning show, Vic Latino’s Neighborhood on Party FM. In this Music Monday feature, HAUTE NYC chats with Vic Latino about his love of music.

HAUTE NYC: How did you first start out in the music industry? Did you always look to become a DJ or a radio personality?

Vic Latino: I started out as an intern for Ed Lover and Doctor Dre when they were at MTV.  Actually, it was an opportunity that became available, I fell in love with it and never looked back.

HAUTE NYC:  You have been very successful in electronic dance music, and are signed to ULTRA Records. What do you look for in a song when creating a new ULTRA DANCE album? Is there a lot behind the decision making process?

Vic Latino: I look for songs that are commercially successful when choosing the first cd.  Songs on the second cd are more of a representation of what today’s electronica sound is.

HAUTE NYC:  What has been the greatest experience of your career so far? Why?

Vic Latino: Everyday in the radio/TV and music business lends itself to a great experience for me.  I have been able to take my career full circle, from an intern to now an owner of my very own radio group.  I am constantly surrounding myself with smarter more educated people which are constant avenues of education for me.   To me that is the greatest experience for me, the constant education I receive form my peers in the industry.



HAUTE NYC : The majority of your career has been based in New York City. Has there been any significant changes in the music audience in NYC as far as what listeners want to hear?

Vic Latino: The NY scene as much as it seems has changed, really has not, in fact the only thing that changes in the scene is the way we receive our medium.  In the past radio’s biggest competition was cassette tapes, then vinyl, then cd’s, them pp-3’s now i-pods, but at the end of the day we are all still enjoying music.


HAUTE NYC: You currently appear as radio personality for morning radio show, VIC LATINO’s Neighborhood on WPTY Party FM which is based in Long Island, NY. What do you like most about being a radio personality? Why?

Vic Latino: I love the energy that radio gives me, it allows me to be a part of the avenue that people receive music and news from, I am  the voice that some people come to for music, for news, for information, or just that voice that people come to when they are having a stressful day.

For more Vic Latino, check him out on Party FM 105 or on VicLatino.com

Haute Chicks: FrockOn writer Kendra Hagerman

Canadian born Kendra Hagerman, is an exclusive contributing writer for FrockOn.com. During the beginning of the month, I was lucky enough to meet with Kendra & the other members of the FrockOn flock in New York City for the filming of our reality show pilot. Kendra posed for my camera & gave me the low down on her fashion inspirations. Check out why she was picked for this edition of Haute Chicks!

HAUTE NYC: Would you say Canadian fashion is significantly different from New York style? What did you enjoy most about seeing the street style of NYC?


Kendra: I don’t think Vancouver and New York fashion really differ in terms of whats popular, current or classic.  There are small differences and are more of a reflection of the culture or the city itself, more than anything else.  Vancouverites are used to the rain and we have some of the cutest umbrellas and rain gear around.  New Yorkers really know how to rock a pair of warm boots and accessorize with a great scarf/hat combo.  One thing I love about New York is that you’re almost never overdressed.  No matter where you go and what you do, no one raises an eyebrow in your direction.  It’s the perfect city to try something new and gain new inspiration.

HAUTE NYC: Who is your biggest style influence? Why?


Kendra: Rachel Roy.  When I am influenced by someone, it’s not just because they are beautiful or have incredible style (although, Rachel Roy would definitely be classified as having both of those traits!)  Rachel is a positive role model for women and has shown that hard work and perseverance pay off (something that I tell myself all the time).  She has worked her way up the fashion ladder, and managed to look beautiful while doing it. Her clothing is feminine, unique, flattering and detailed and she always looks polished.  I love that she really values philanthropy and is a perfect example of a fierce, independent woman.


Check out Kendra’s articles on FrockOn.com

Article By: Angela Samartano


Haute Looks: The Air Jordan XI Cool Grey

For many guys, collecting sneakers can be more than just a hobby, but a way of life. Men and boys all over the country search for the latest sneaker before their release in hopes to get their hands on the newest and hautest shoe. Guest blogger Andrew Marano gives us the scoop on the latest Jordan Cool Grey XI sneakers.

The Air Jordan brand seems to not only be masters of shoe design but marketing as well. They obviously realize that the Air Jordan XI is the most iconic signature sneaker in its legendary line, designed by the legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, and worn by “his Airness” Michael Jordan while he was still in the NBA. Last year Jordan brand released the popular “Space Jam” colorway of the Jordan XI. The nickname Space Jam comes from its appearance in the 1995 Warner Bros. movie “Space Jam” where Michael Jordan enters the cartoon world to team up with Bugs Bunny and friends to take on the “Monstars” who stole the talents from then NBA superstars such as Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley. In the movie Michael Jordan can be seen wearing the Black/Varsity Royal-White colorway of the Jordan XI thus dubbing the shoe as the “Space Jams”. This year Jordan Brand will be releasing another pair of Air Jordan XI for 2010 in the Cool Grey colorway.

The Space Jams were re-released (retroed) on December 23, 2009 to thousands of Air Jordan fans and collectors all over the world. Hundreds of people stood in the cold on December 22, 2009 awaiting the huge midnight release of this iconic sneaker. Needless to say, the shoe was basically sold out by the time retailers opened their doors the following morning on the actual release date. Acknowledging it’s success, Jordan Brand announced in the summer of 2010 that they would be releasing the Jordan XI in the “Cool Grey” colorway, just in time for Christmas once again, on December 23, 2010. This colorway of the Jordan XI is unique because it was not an original color of the XI that was released in 1995. It was released on March 3, 2001 as a “retro +” colorway, meaning although the sneaker design had been previously released, the color scheme was brand new. It is known among sneaker communities that this original Cool Grey XI release was the biggest retro release Jordan Brand had ever done. Every sneaker store across the country sold out in less than an hour. With an original retail price of $125 in 2001, these Cool Grey XI’s have fetched up to $400 on eBay.

With the “re-retro” of the Cool Grey XI shoe only days away, some avid Jordan fans and collectors have already started camping out at their local malls to secure their spot in buying a pair. The retail price of these almost 10 year old sneakers is $175 and is considered a general release. This means that all major Jordan Brand accounts (Finishline, Footlocker, Footaction, Champs, Eastbay, etc.) will receive a multiple pairs of every size. The problem is that because this is such a sought after sneaker, there is still not enough to go around. Be sure to contact your local sneaker retailers for information on the release. Some store are doing reserves while others are doing a first come first serve midnight release on the eve of Christmas Eve. Thanks to a local “connect” I was able to get my hands on these beautiful shoes a few days early. Check out the pictures to decide whether or not you will be among the chaotic sneaker heads lined up to purchase a pair.

The shoe comes in a special edition slide out box with plastic (grey) shoe trees instead of the usual sneaker paper used on all Jordan Brand sneakers. There is also a plastic inside box cover which reads “Tinker made them shine. Mike made them fly. You made them iconic”, as a thank you from Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan to the fans, whom made the Air Jordan XI such a huge success.

Here is a video of the original release of the Cool Grey’s in 2001.


Article by: Andrew Marano


Music Monday: Utopic Sessions with MarkJoseph

Electronic music continues to take the world by storm with Utopic Sessions. The German based radio show is available for download all over the internet &  showcases the latest in trance & progressive music. Don Micho, owner of the show, exclusively broadcasts through JoRavers.com every Thursday from 7-8pm (CET) for listeners to tune in. Most recently two of my close friends, Mark Mancino & Joseph Zagame collaborated together to become MarkJoseph, & joined the Utopic Sessions team. Their latest set was recorded for Utopic Sessions Episode 26 and features Let Go by Aruna, who featured in last week’s Music Monday. MarkJoseph will be working with Don Micho on future episodes. To download episode 26, click here.

Be sure to check out MarkJoseph & Utopic Sessions on Facebook for updates on their latest sets.

Haute Looks: SpoilMeFashion.com

At the beginning of the month, I had the pleasure of working with Karen Gorell, owner of SpoilMeFashion.com while shooting the FrockOn.com reality show pilot. We all gushed over the latest jewelry and accessories on and off camera. I instantly fell in love with the Samantha House Toni Necklace. The amber color is so beautiful and every agate stone is unique & different from the next.

Karen was nice enough to send me my own Samantha House Toni Necklace & I cannot stop wearing it. The stones seem even brighter and more elegant than the ones I previously saw, which enhanced more of a deeper hue. This proves the authenticity of the stones and the stylish gold chain adds an instant glam effect.

For a Limited Time, HAUTE NYC Readers Can Receive 20% off purchases on SpoilMeFashion.com!

Use the Promo Code: HAUTENYC

Offer Valid until 01/02/2011 so indulge in some holiday jewelry now!



To enhance the necklace, I originally decided to wear the necklace more casually, as well as inside away from the cold. One of my friends picked up this beautiful scarf for me from a street vendor in Morocco.  The scarf brings out the intense colors of the necklace, dressing up a simple cozy sweater & jeans.

While looking into my closet, I noticed a Forever 21 leatherette jacket in this beautiful amber-meets-mahogany color. Because this jacket is bright on its own, I decided to match it up with a black tank and a dark wash jean, also from Forever 21. A chunky black knit scarf from H&M is wearable with almost everything. My boots are my favorite because they are vintage. They were tucked away in my grandmother’s closet & passed along to me. Nothing beats an authentic 1960s leather boot! Love! The Samantha House Toni Necklace complements the color of the jacket & works perfectly together.

Article by: Angela Samartano @NYCAngela @HAUTENYC

Jewelry Provided by: SpoilMeFashion.com