FrockOn Love: Coming Together in New York

In the basement of a cute little coffee shop on Orchard Street, a group of young, driven, and might I add fashionable ladies gathered together over lattes and laughs. Only this occasion was a rare and precious moment in time where the whole family was able to gather and meet in one place. Although most of us live miles away, the entire FrockOn team flew in to New York City this past weekend to shoot the pilot for our FrockOn reality show! We may of only met this weekend, but it felt as if it were an early Christmas with all our relatives home to celebrate.

Writer Maisie May Skidmore came the furtherest to be with us, flying in from London, England. As well as contributing to, she always writes for her tumblr. account What Maisie Did. Another contributing writer who came a long way to meet the FrockOn family was Kendra Hagerman. Kendra, who exclusively writes for FrockOn, traveled all the way from Vancouver, Canada. Fashion blogger Collette Osuna, a contributing writer for FrockOn, also has been featured as MTV Style Blogger of the Week for her blog, Statements in Fashion. Collette, along with her daughter Chloe, flew into the big apple from Michigan for the weekend to contribute to the filming.

Andreas Serna, professional photographer of, snapped away at us, snagging candid shots the whole way. Andreas is responsible for all of our headshots, as well as various images still to come!

In the coffee shop, we were joined by Alessandra Epstein, co-founder of ALIOMI, to gush over all of the fabulous designs she brought to share with us. I’m obsessed with their Kellan Studded Blazer, which can be purchased on I need to get my hands on one of those!



After our coffee, we ventured out of the Lower East Side and headed toward a very special Christmas treat. The FrockOn writers all went to go experience the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree together. The trip really got me into the Christmas spirit, seeing how genuinely excited all the girls were to see New York during the holidays.

Just a day prior to our Manhattan excursion, we escaped from the bitter chill of winter in Brooklyn, where Melanie Pagani, co-owner and Editor in Chief of FrockOn opened her doors to the FrockOn family. I was also so happy to see the other half of FrockOn, Jacqueline Massacci. The FrockOn co-owner does not live in New York, so it is always a special treat to see her! Jacqueline, Melanie, along with all of the other girls are such a pleasure to work with. FrockOn contributors Geneva WhiteJanegila Wright, and Emily Plaskett were all in attendance as well for the occasion. It’s so surreal that about six months ago, we had not clue each other existed. Knowing each other only moments in real life, our virtual friends became our family.

With the help of our amazing video crew consisting of Producer, and owner of, Brandon Villano and Director Erez Horovitz, we were able to film individual bio videos for our possible FrockOn reality show. I cannot wait to see the results! We gave everyone a taste of New York pizza, then we got a little spoiled. Karen Gorell of graced us with her present and came fully prepared with tons of shiny things. She showcased and explained the jewelry available on which included designers such as Samantha House, Carolyn Rafaelian, Anna Beck, Danielle Gibson & more. Be sure to check out this unique designs, as well as Karen’s post about her trip to meet us, only on

Each and every one of these individuals are an inspiration and I am so grateful to have met them. If this is what we can accomplish in such a short period of time, I am certain the world will be ours! Stay tuned !

Written by: Angela Samartano

Photos by: Angela Samartano

Headshot by: Andreas Serna

Special thanks to Melanie & Jacqueline of FrockOn for all of your love and support!

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7 Responses to FrockOn Love: Coming Together in New York

  1. What a FANTABULISTIC story Angela……the experience was amazing….and I cant put into words how incredibly awesome it was to be in NYC with my “family”…I love you all:) The Best of the New Year to you dollie!!!

    • Alessandra says:

      Love you all!!!

  2. Angela, Great post! Meeting you all and and watching you be your fashion-inspired selves was my great pleasure! I’m looking forward to the reality show and all the sure to be exciting events and posts that you and your frockon friends have in store for us!

  3. Melanie says:

    Great post! It was such a great day, and look how darn cute everyone is. xo

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  5. Jacqueline says:

    Angela love the article and you describe it perfectly our “frockon family!” I felt like we all knew each other already… I plan on being back in big apple as much as I can and glad you’ll be able to come to the burgh for the first week in Jan.

  6. Maisie says:

    The most incredible weekend! Watch this space ladies, I’ll be back. I love your pictures Angela, put them on facebook! x

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