Haute Chick: Jessica Leone

Born & raised in New York City, our featured Haute Chick Jessica Leone gives a little insight into how real New York girls stay looking haute!

1. How do you describe your personal style?


My personal style is effortlessly sexy. I feel most comfortable in a pair of great tight, skinny jeans, a v neck and great flats or flat over the knee boots. When I go out though, as you can see, I usually wear a tight and fitted outfit with some sky high heels that I’ll only be able to wear while I’m young (lol). I think the most beautiful part of a womans body is her neck and chest area, I usually like to accentuate that part of myself by wearing tube tops and off the shoulder shirts. I’m not into the long necklace trend either, a bare neck and heavy ear rings are my favorite. Most importantly, if a shirt or skirt or pant is uncomfortable I won’t even bother wearing it. You must be comfortable in what you’re wearing to look sexy or else it looks forced and fake.

2. Do you think living in NYC affects your fashion sense? Why or why not?


Living in NYC absolutely affects my fashion sense. Being a New York girl I am instilled with the confidence to wear the newest trends and pull them off. In New York we also love our dark colors. I fight picking up the dress or the shirt in black and I always try to take another color but-sorry, it just the sexiest! In New York we’re also very big on chunky layering, great shirts, jackets, scarves, wraps and chunky boots. New York women have a certain sophistication about the way they walk and the way they dress that can’t be found anywhere else!

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