Haute Looks: SpoilMeFashion.com

At the beginning of the month, I had the pleasure of working with Karen Gorell, owner of SpoilMeFashion.com while shooting the FrockOn.com reality show pilot. We all gushed over the latest jewelry and accessories on and off camera. I instantly fell in love with the Samantha House Toni Necklace. The amber color is so beautiful and every agate stone is unique & different from the next.

Karen was nice enough to send me my own Samantha House Toni Necklace & I cannot stop wearing it. The stones seem even brighter and more elegant than the ones I previously saw, which enhanced more of a deeper hue. This proves the authenticity of the stones and the stylish gold chain adds an instant glam effect.

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To enhance the necklace, I originally decided to wear the necklace more casually, as well as inside away from the cold. One of my friends picked up this beautiful scarf for me from a street vendor in Morocco.  The scarf brings out the intense colors of the necklace, dressing up a simple cozy sweater & jeans.

While looking into my closet, I noticed a Forever 21 leatherette jacket in this beautiful amber-meets-mahogany color. Because this jacket is bright on its own, I decided to match it up with a black tank and a dark wash jean, also from Forever 21. A chunky black knit scarf from H&M is wearable with almost everything. My boots are my favorite because they are vintage. They were tucked away in my grandmother’s closet & passed along to me. Nothing beats an authentic 1960s leather boot! Love! The Samantha House Toni Necklace complements the color of the jacket & works perfectly together.

Article by: Angela Samartano @NYCAngela @HAUTENYC

Jewelry Provided by: SpoilMeFashion.com


4 Responses to Haute Looks: SpoilMeFashion.com

  1. melanie says:

    That is the most beautiful necklace that I have EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I need one, great photos Angela

  2. TOTALLY love this necklace….we have fab taste:) Kisses!!

  3. Angela, You look fantastic and so chic. Samantha House is everywhere lately for a good reason! Enjoy!

    – Karen

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