Haute Chicks: FrockOn writer Kendra Hagerman

Canadian born Kendra Hagerman, is an exclusive contributing writer for FrockOn.com. During the beginning of the month, I was lucky enough to meet with Kendra & the other members of the FrockOn flock in New York City for the filming of our reality show pilot. Kendra posed for my camera & gave me the low down on her fashion inspirations. Check out why she was picked for this edition of Haute Chicks!

HAUTE NYC: Would you say Canadian fashion is significantly different from New York style? What did you enjoy most about seeing the street style of NYC?


Kendra: I don’t think Vancouver and New York fashion really differ in terms of whats popular, current or classic.  There are small differences and are more of a reflection of the culture or the city itself, more than anything else.  Vancouverites are used to the rain and we have some of the cutest umbrellas and rain gear around.  New Yorkers really know how to rock a pair of warm boots and accessorize with a great scarf/hat combo.  One thing I love about New York is that you’re almost never overdressed.  No matter where you go and what you do, no one raises an eyebrow in your direction.  It’s the perfect city to try something new and gain new inspiration.

HAUTE NYC: Who is your biggest style influence? Why?


Kendra: Rachel Roy.  When I am influenced by someone, it’s not just because they are beautiful or have incredible style (although, Rachel Roy would definitely be classified as having both of those traits!)  Rachel is a positive role model for women and has shown that hard work and perseverance pay off (something that I tell myself all the time).  She has worked her way up the fashion ladder, and managed to look beautiful while doing it. Her clothing is feminine, unique, flattering and detailed and she always looks polished.  I love that she really values philanthropy and is a perfect example of a fierce, independent woman.


Check out Kendra’s articles on FrockOn.com

Article By: Angela Samartano



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