Haute Chicks: Maisie May Skidmore


London’s own Maisie May Skidmore is a writer with feminine style & an affinity for 70s fashion. Just like our previous HAUTE Chick Kendra Hagerman, Maisie flew across the Atlantic to be with her FrockOn family earlier this month. It is impossible to deny how fabulous her style is, so of course she is our newest HAUTE Chick. I snapped away at Maisie on the Lower East Side where she donned a chic black hat, fur scarf, and uber flared pants.
HAUTE NYC: How do you describe your personal style? Who are your style icons?
Maisie: I’d describe my personal style as a quirky mish-mash of vintage, high street, and DIY chic. I love to bring a cute vintage dress up to date by altering the hemline, and teaming it with my favorite ankle boots, a little black jacket and a hand knitted scarf. At the moment my style icons are a rotation of Jean Seberg for her sixties simplicity, Rumi Neely from fashiontoast and Morticia Addams, for her black maxis, vamp manicures and all the black lace.
HAUTE NYC: What did you think of the fashion in New York opposed to the fashion in London?

Maisie: I’d say that New Yorkers are infinitely more put together than Londoners. You girls do grunge just as well as we do, but it’s often accompanied immaculate natural make up, or subtle hints of matching colour, whereas in London the goal really is to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed and into your Grandma’s dressing up box. The overall effect is very different. We do love to ladder our tights and smudge our eyeliner, but seeing a beautifully put together New York woman with her glossy curls flying behind her as she hurries down 5th avenue, makes my eyes widen with admiration.




2 Responses to Haute Chicks: Maisie May Skidmore

  1. Tatty says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Being fashionable seems to flow through Maisie’s veins!

  2. Mark says:

    She looks great!

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