On the Street: Haute Eats on a Budget

Magen Martin knows New Yorkers, well everyone, need to hold onto any extra penny they can these days. Check out her tips to eating haute on a budget.

Listen up fashionistas. Now you can still go out on the town and not be concerned about pinching pennies. Companies such as Groupon and BlackboardEats, offer daily discount deals for various services that allow you to have fun while saving money at the same time.

BlackboardEats markets themselves as having “unreal deals at the best restaurants.” This website offers free deals that are e-mailed on a daily basis with a pass code to different restaurants depending on the city you select. They currently service the NYC area, LA, SF and also have an everywhere section which focuses on online food stores. Some recent NYC deals featured the following restaurants: Cipriani Wall Street, Ardesia, Bacaro, La Lucha, and Da Silvano. The daily deals often include a certain percentage off dinner or lunch or a complimentary appetizer with the purchase of an entrée. Some deals have even included a free bottle of wine.  The deals expire a few weeks from the purchase date, so you’ll have to be sure not to miss out. A service like this is great for anyone who is on a budget but still wants to hit the town.


Da Silvano | Image from: ontheinside.info | located: 260 Avenue of the Americas NY. NY 10012


Groupon on the other hand, offers a variety of deals and services. I’ve personally used this site a handful of times for various savings such as discounts on nail salon services, restaurants, and vehicle repair services and even discounted gift cards for clothing stores such as American Apparel. Like BlackboardEats, you sign up for the daily deal, if you are interested in the deal you go ahead and purchase it, the deal is then e-mailed to you, you print out the coupon and provide it to the vendor at time of use.


Raquel, an avid Groupon user, had great reviews on their services; “I wish I knew about Groupon sooner! They have great deals personalized to my taste and interests ranging from dining to fitness, it’s easy to use, and the prices are unbeatable, There’s so many things to do or new things i want to try, but it’s hard to come across an affordable way to experience it, Groupon is a great way to do just that!”

Groupon also caters to the major US cities. Hopefully BlackboardEats spreads its wings and reaches out to other US cities soon. I sure could use some discounts at some local trendy Miami restaurants. In the meanwhile, I’ll use Blackboardeats on my many travels to NYC, such a good way to save money while on vacation or business trips.


Article By: Magen Martin


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