A Haute Minute: Desiree Tizon

Don’t let her petite size fool you; this HAUTE native New Yorker really has a massive voice. Desiree Tizon is destined to become the next R&B and Hip-Hop sensation. Born and raised in NYC, Desiree currently resided in Miami where she is balancing school, work and her music career. Let’s see what Desiree had to say when we chatted with her.


HAUTE NYC: How would you describe your music, what inspires you ?

Desiree: I would describe my music as something that appeals to all audiences. I personally love every genre of music, so I want that to show in my music. So far I’ve done R&B and Hip Hop songs, but I plan to add a lot of variety like dance, pop, reggae. All of it! I am greatly inspired by Alicia Keys and Beyonce because they’re great role models for all females, not just singers. Also, Keri Hilson for the fact that she is a songwriter.



HAUTE NYC: What are your career goals or other accomplishments do you want to add to your list? How would you define the word success?

Desiree: As of right now I am majoring in Public Relations, which opens up so many doors for me. I would like to work for a radio station, preferably behind the scenes organizing events. Pretty much being the middleman between concerts and the community. It’s a great way to do what I love as well as get to know people in the music industry.



HAUTE NYC: Do you ever plan on returning to NYC to continue your music career?

Desiree: NYC will always be home no matter what, so I will definitely be coming back. Whether it’s for my music career or my Public Relations career, I wouldn’t mind going back. I recorded my most recent song Killin Em Remix over there and got a great response from it, so I will for sure be recording whenever I am in town.



HAUTE NYC: How do you incorporate your personal fashion style into your image?

Desiree: My personal fashion varies all the time, which is just like my taste in music. I love to be dressy in heels, but at the same time sneakers (Jordans/Nikes) and jeans will always be my heart. Some days I want to go all out and get dolled up, other days I want to get my hair go naturally curly and go for a rugged look. Every normal girl feels this way, so I’m no different. Same goes for my music. Despite who you are, I want any type of girl to listen to my music and be able to relate to something. If they have, I know I’ve done my job.




Want more information on Desiree Tizon?

check out her website: www. desireetizon.com

and her tumblr: desireetizonmusic.tumblr.com

Article by: Magen Martin


One Response to A Haute Minute: Desiree Tizon

  1. Denise arnold says:

    Great article. Good questions and maybe a spotlight on a future star! Love the look of the photos as well.

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