Haute Around the World: 2011, Year of the iPad 2

It was a little over a year ago to the date that Apple made a groundbreaking announcement of their soon to be released tablet pc. At first, the iPad received a mixed response from tech-critics, calling it an over-sized iPhone and that it would never be able to keep up with other laptops or pcs because it did not even contain flash when browsing the internet. Needless to say, those critics have eaten their words and now have a full stomach. In less than a year (April-December 2010), Apple has sold over 15 million iPads while other leading tech companies such as Motorola, Samsung, HP, Blackberry and now Android have scurried to put their own tablets on the market. Apple has trumped the competition in terms of tablets sold. Their 15 million iPad sales are more than EVERY other competitions respected tablet…put together. These amazing numbers equate to over $9.5 BILLION of revenue in 2010 and also have over 90% of the tablet market in terms of shares. To quote Steve Jobs from today’s Apple Announcement even, “Many have said this is the most successful consumer product ever launched. Over 90% market share… our competitors were flummoxed”.

So what makes today (March 2, 2011) special? Well if you stumbled upon this article then you may already know. Today at 1pm eastern, Apple held an iPad 2 event in Cupertino, California to announce the predecessor of the historically groundbreaking iPad…the iPad 2. Bloggers from all over the world sat patiently  awaiting as songs from The Beatles (Apple recently acquired the rights to sell all Beatles music on iTunes) were played. As the lights dimmed and anticipation rose…out stepped the CEO of Apple himself…Steve Jobs. This in itself was a huge surprise because due to his health, Steve Jobs has been on a leave of absence since mid-January, thus making this his first appearance since.

Steve came out to a standing ovation of techno geeks and blog writers as he began to set up Apple’s announcement of the iPad 2. He began by saying since the creation of iBooks (an app for Apple handheld devices that allow the user to download books and other reading material from an online store), 200 million accounts have been created with over 100 million books available for purchase through the iBookstore. Jobs also stated that developers have created over 65,000 apps just for the iPad, resulting in $2 BILLION paid to them from Apple.

Now…onto the iPad 2 itself.


  • available March 11, 2011
  • choice between Black or White color options
  • same models and pricing as original iPad (16gig, 32gig, 64gig in WiFi and 3G options)
  • 3G models will be available on both AT&T and Verizon carriers
  • 8.8mm thick (33% thinner than original iPad which was 13.4mm, and thinner than the (9.3mm iPhone 4)
  • Apple A5 dual-core processor chip (the first dual-core processor tablet on the market)
  • 2x faster CPU and 9x faster graphics
  • Rear and Front-facing video cameras (specs not released but most likely will be the same cameras used on the iPhone 4) which will allow for FaceTime between other iPad 2s, iPhone 4s, and iPod Touches.
  • 10 hour battery life (same as original iPad despite the enhances technology)
  • HDMI output (only accessible with $40 hdmi accessory cable from Apple)
  • Apple will also be selling a new Smart-Cover which is a new invention by itself specifically designed for the iPad 2.
  • It will be sold separately at prices of $39 (Polyurethane) and $69 (leather)
  • 5 color choices for each material
  • doubles as a protective cover as well as a stand
  • attaches to the iPad 2 by use of magnets, which is recognizable by the iPad 2 because when the cover is closed over the screen the iPad 2 will go on sleep mode and when it is uncovered the iPad 2 will deactivate sleep mode automatically.
  • ships with brand new iOS 4.3 software (preloaded on iPad 2, available March 11 on iPad, iPhone 4, iPod touch)
  • iOS 4.3 features 3 newly designed apps for the iPad (a completely redesigned iMovie app, an amazing Garage Band app as well as Photo Booth) iMovie and Garage Band will be available on the App Store March 11 for a price of $4.99 each.
  • new software will also enable the iPad 2 to be a WiFi hotspot for iPhone 4s

There you have it. Mark down Friday, March 11 2011 on your calendars because it will be another momentous day in Apple history as the iPad 2 will be available at all Apple Stores at 5PM. It will also be the day that iOS 4.3 will be available for update through iTunes on the original iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Article by: Andrew Marano




One Response to Haute Around the World: 2011, Year of the iPad 2

  1. Angela says:

    This looks awesome! I can’t wait to get on as soon as this comes out, I love Apple.

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