Haute Music: Ag Ag Lady – Tracks are Disappearing

Ag Ag Lady’s most recent release, Tracks are Disappearing is a raucous, brashly loud collection of tracks that range from jarring in-your-face glitch fests to bouncy indie-dance dips with allover the place tempos.  From start to finish the album is a seamless sonic undulation that caroms about your aural cavities and sounds, or rather feels like it could be doing some permanent damage, but it’s not.  It didn’t seem to have intentions of hurting the ear, but the way Ag Ag Lady plays with volume without actually playing with volume posits an interesting side conversation.

The first track, This is the Sound, starts off slow with thinly spliced sheets of ambiance that gradually speed up and thicken as the track moves along and works in a spaced out bass line.  Moving forward, it careens into a profusion of layers, at once overbearing and simultaneously playful, a feeling that’s held up for the rest of the album diverting only to let in the more indie-dance tracks like, Tell Me Baby.  The song Love Affair was treated with a little bit of that indie-danceness with its oddly catchy auto-tuned melody over a tempo that starts out calm and breaks it’s way into a full on adrenaline rush.

There’s a general back and forth between more industrial sounds like in Run into the Wall and the ping-y video game sounds that begin The Other Side.  The vast sonic chasms created by going from clunky and metallic with booming bass to high-pitched glints of techno quirks contributes to that volume play he seems to be doing.  Moving from one end of the sound spectrum to another tricks the ear, which is the album in a nutshell; tyrannical ear tricks.

Article by: Kate Magoc

HAUTE NYC © 2011


3 Responses to Haute Music: Ag Ag Lady – Tracks are Disappearing

  1. ag ag lady says:

    thanks for the feature! “tracks are disappearing” is available online april 1, 2011 and in pittsburgh independent cd stores now. please check out http://www.brokewhorerecords.com for more info… 🙂

  2. HAUTE NYC says:

    Thanks for the info! Love it!


    help release ag ag lady’s “tracks are disappearing” on vinyl! funds raised by this kickstarter will be used to master, press and print this beautiful vinyl record featuring jacket artwork by audra wist.

    “tracks are disappearing” is the third album by ag ag lady. the loudness war continues! on this record, ag ag lady tunes her knobs and faders to a signal that seems to arise from the dystopian future we currently inhabit. the strains of this poison pop radio broadcast from fictional future glitch glam grunge garage boy band “new pilgrim age” were quickly routed into ag ag lady’s trusty four track recorder. now armed with cassettes bearing the souls of a small army of producers from the future, ag ag lady continues on her stubborn march…

    all funds raised for this project will be used to manufacture and ship the record.

    listen to the record here: http://brokewhorerecords.bandcamp.com/album/tracks-are-disappearing

    and please share this with your friends! it takes a village!

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