June 16, 2010

Ports 1961 2011 Resort Show

By: @NYCAngela

Although the weather was less than desirable, it didn’t seem to matter as soon as I walked into the Ports 1961 showroom for their 2011 Resort collection. I was accompanying @FashionWeekNYC to live stream the big event. I had the pleasure of talking one-on-one with both Jacqui Wenzel, the Vice President of Operations at Ports 1961 and the amazingly talented designer, Tia Cibani. I’ve been following @Ports1961USA in anticipation for the show for weeks and was in awe at how smoothly everything was run. Heartland Brewery even sponsored the event passing out different ales to attendees. My favorite was the apricot ale!

From the moment the lights went dim at the Ports 1961 2011 Resort Show, it felt like the perfect New York moment. Long candles scattered the scene around the runway lighting the room romantically. Tia Cibani’s muse for the collection, Patti Smith showed up on the projection screens with an excerpt from the DVD that was graciously placed in our gift bags. “New York is the thing that formed me; New York is the thing that deformed me…”, she rasped setting the mood for the first model to begin her strut.

From the very first look with model Magalie’s smoky eyed look and flowing braided hair, I knew I’d be in love with the hair & make-up of the show, which followed suit. The look was very punk rock with the black man-tailered blazer as well as the clean black and white palette. Graphic prints made an appearance among looks two and four are so beautifully crafted for a great alternative to the average sundress. Fresh, solid designed dresses also graced the runway as well as the romper returning in look six. The use of vinyl shown throughout the collection was a fabulous touch for anyone looking to appear instant city-chic. My favorite vinyl piece was look thirteen, which gives a new meaning to the term little black dress. It’s like cat woman turned business woman, love! The use of electric blue toward the middle of the show made everyone’s eyes pop. Looks 17, 23, and the closing look 25 showed this hue in three dramatically different dresses, however cohesive with the urban theme.

The collection made minimalism sexy.  It was so urban, so chic, so New York!  When speaking with Tia Cibani, she gushed to about her urban, androgynous looks. The Spring 2011 will be an extension of this collection, making me anticipate September’s shows even more! Still working on getting my interview with Tia Cibani posted on the site but I hope to have it up soon! 🙂

I found myself in some photos online. Just my back, but I got excited either way 🙂

Here are some of my photos from the show:

June 9, 2010

Oscar de la Renta 2011 Resort Show

by: Angela Samartano

Monday, June 7th was beautiful day on Park Avenue for fashion’s finest. The Oscar de la Renta 2011 Resort show showcased de la Renta’s impeccable attention to details. With many designers these days pushing the envelope in the outrageous category, the de la Renta show was a breath of fresh air channeling Katharine Hepburn with elegant A-line dresses. The show was an instant reminder to all in attendance how classic and exceptional an Oscar show really is. I lost my breath a few times looking over at Anna Wintour in the front row! (Who by-the-way, looked phenomenal)

Wool & Worth hats brought an excellent touch to the already fabulous designs. Flat brimmed straw hats took the stage with various ribbons, perfectly bowed and matched accordingly. I particularly loved the hints of crimson upon the mostly navy and white canvas.

de la Renta’s show displayed elegance for the modern woman. He was classic without being dated. From the cream almost safari-esque palette to the nautical inspired dresses, I was like a child on Christmas as I watched the runway. Bright colored dresses incorporating emerald green, bright orange, and ruby-red lit up the stage. I can predict now that some of the most fabulous people will be sporting these designs to the upcoming awards season.

The make up and hair was simple but sensual. Models looked fresh-faced, giving that “I just wake up this beautiful” effect. Long flowing waves and lots of volume graced the runway. One model in particular caught my eye, Julia Joseph, sported a bleach blond Rihanna-esque short do. My favorite model of the day.

Oscar’s 2011 Resort show was partially responsible for de la Renta’s social media maven @OscarPRGirl, who (p.s.) has over 7,500 followers. Work it girl! Pioneering in fashion and now on the social media front, the show was live streaming through the web as the models gingerly gazed the runway.

de la Renta as well as others have spoken out about how social media is revolutionizing the fashion industry.  Oscar told WWD, “Without a doubt, the role of a runway show has changed. In the past, the show was principally for buyers. While they are still a key constituency, we also show for the media. Online media is increasingly influential in fashion. This allows that group and others that can’t attend in person to see things in real-time. It’s evolution.”

I could not agree more! Evolution in fashion is up to us. Social media allows everyone to have a standpoint for companies to see what’s really going on. We CAN make a difference. I am so honored to have been a part of such an extraordinary show, meeting some fantastic people along the way. Here are some of my personal shots from the Oscar de la Renta 2011 Resort Show.

May 21, 2010

Razor Revolt

…Because your wallet doesn’t want razor burn.

Let’s face it. Razors can be expensive. Whether you are as hairy as a bear or feel excited when your five o’clock shadow shows up a week late, nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars a month on razors. Typical razor blades can only be used a couple of times. The awesome guys at Grooming Lounge have come up with a product that’ll keep your shave smooth and your wallet full.  The new Razor Pit removes all the soap, hair, and general grime from your razor. The Razor Pit promises to extend your blade’s life up to 100 shaves and works with any razor blade you already own. Grooming Lounge refers to it as a way to “recession-proof your razor” and we couldn’t agree more.

Not only does the Razor Pit clean your razor, it also enhances smoothness no matter where you use it. For guys, your face is one of your most important assets. Give it the attention it deserves by using Razor Pit.  Still confused on how it actually works? Watch the video below to find out just how easy it really is! Brand new to the market, Razor Pit is available for only $25 exclusively at Grooming Lounge locations or

May 19, 2010

Musical Threads

Shirts That’ll Make You Sing.

Rocking a t-shirt with your favorite band or singer is nothing we haven’t seen before. You can probably envision the predictable yet iconic photos you would see screened onto the shirts of college students worldwide. Brand new t-shirt line Archive 1887 goes above and beyond your average rocker tee.  Archive 1887 is a collaboration brand between The Thread Shop and Sony Music. They pride themselves on being built on music history going back all the way to 1887.  What’s really awesome about this brand is that they use never-before-seen relics and photographs from Sony Music archives. These tees include some pretty sweet photos of the biggest names in music history such as Miles Davis, Sly and the Family Stone, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and more.

Archive 1887 takes wearing a piece of history to new levels. Every piece of merchandise purchased comes with an online code to bring to their website, unlocking some killer playlists by the artist. The code also provides the customer with history about the artist’s career as well as a key that could be worn as a necklace to represent their “All Access” online vault.  Find at Archive 1887 at Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and other specialty boutiques.

May 19, 2010

World Cup Craze

With World Cup hype already in full effect, this gives us another thing to look forward to. To celebrate this summer’s games, urban brand UNDFTD will be releasing commemorative tees for your favorite teams. Undefeated has remodeled their original five-strike t-shirt for the occasion. Included in the collection are seven key countries in the games; France, South Africa, England, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, and Spain. The shirts feature the flag of the country within the UNDFTD logo. We’re stoked that these come in a wide variety of colors, so everyone is satisfied. That is-except for the US team who gets no love from UNDFTD.  Ouch. Either way, these World Cup wonders will be released starting this Saturday, May 22nd and will be available at every UNDFTD chapter store, as well as on their website.

March 10, 2010

Red Carpet Fashion – 82nd Annual Academy Awards

At this year’s Academy Awards, I found there to be more hits than misses on the red carpet.  Many people kept things simple and elegant, while others looked simply dreadful. Celebs wore a lot of gold’s as well as pastels, which looked wonderful on the red carpet. Here is my opinion on best & worst dressed for this years Oscars.

Best Dressed

Miley Cyrus rocks this champagne Jenny Packham dress looking elegant & mature.

Loving this lavendar hued Versace gown on Elizabeth Banks.

Twilight & Up in the Air Star Anna Kendrick’s Elie Saab gown is feminine with a dash of sex appeal

Like Anna Kendrick, Rachel McAdams dons a stunning spring-friendly Elie Saab gown

Best Actress Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock sparkled in a gold & silver Marchesa gown

Worst Dressed

Both wearing Armani Prive, why do Jennifer Lopez and Dear John star Amanda Seyfried look like they’re wearing bubble wrap??

These dresses look like they were made for an Avant Garde Sweet 16/ office supplies.

Love Nicole Richie, but this Reem Acra dress is not flattering nor stylish for the House of Harlow designer.

This Marchesa gown looks a little too junior prom for Precious star, Gabourey Sidibe.

Best Dressed Men

These are the top men I found to dominate the red carpet this year.

Designer and director of A Single Man, Tom Ford wears his own designs. How could he possibly go wrong designing for himself?

22 year old Zac Efron never looked so good in a Calvin Klein suit.

March 5, 2010


So it has come to my attention that big companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Macy’s, Nordstrom and even Bloomingdales all have been caught on tape. The Today Show on NBC has started a new segment called ” Secret Filth Exposed” and this Wednesday’s show absolutely repulsed me. WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE BUYING UNDERWEAR FROM THESE PLACES. Employees at these stores are actually taking back used underwear and reselling them to other customers. yuk yuk yuk!

March 5, 2010

NYC Fall 2010 Fashion Week

Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to attend multiple shows at NYC Fashion Week this February with MAXIM Magazine. I know I am a little bit behind as far as reporting what I loved – but here goes.

Major trends for Fall/ Winter 2010 include loads of black from top to bottom, lingerie, thigh high tights, velvet, sparkle, green (my fav!), jumpsuits, and sexy lace on clothing & accessories. It was such an amazing experience that I hope I am able to do every season.

Fashion week began in snowy, ice-cold, NYC Thursday February 11, 2010 and that day will not be forgotten by the Fashion Industry for a while to come. The death of iconic designer Alexander McQueen shocked the fashion world and put a somber tone on the rest of the weeks events. Moments of silence were held in certain shows. I was sitting at the Ports 1961 show (front row!) when a moment of silence was called for the genius McQueen.Looking up at the faces attending the Bryant Park tents, it was apparent that everyone was mourning the loss of such a prominent designer. – I even witnessed a women in the tents who had painted her face with black eyeliner reading RIP McQueen  donning a black mesh eye mask to match. He will not be forgotten anytime soon.

On a lighter note of Fashion Week in NYC,  the use of the color black was  prominent throughout the designers collections. Some chose to focus on minimalism, while others couldn’t be more far from that.

One designer who definitely marches to the beat of her own drum is the one and only Betsey Johnson. Betsey’s Fall/ Winter 2010 show was more than your typical fashion show. A wild wild west theme was in full effect with hay covering the runway floor. Some models sported fake black mustaches and men’s canes. She focused on ruffles, suits, bold colors, boho, and more. Overall, it was a production of Betsey being Betsey – who never disappoints! Betsey paid tribute to the late McQueen as well in original Betsey fashion. Some of my favorite looks from Betsey’s show include:


The first show I attended of the week was BCBG Max Azria, and he did not disappoint. I loved the entire collection and want it immediately! The entire collection showcased beautiful drapery, sporty yet feminine appeals, sheer accents, and graphic prints. Also, minimalism and the color black were prominent. The designs were extremely chic yet had a cozy feeling to them. My favorite looks include:


March 4, 2010

Subway Chic

Although these have been out for some time now, I still have not gotten them and it is imperative that I get my hands on them as soon as humanly possible. Ray-Ban, the creators of the classic Wayfarer shades, are paying homage to NYC with their limited edition “rare prints” sunglasses. The interior of the glasses features the NYC subway map designed by Michael Hertz. They come in the original 1952 Wayfarer style and can be worn by all hipsters, male and female. I can’t stress enough – I. NEED. THESE. At $159, they are a few more bucks than the original Wayfarer’s but totally worth it if your in love with NYC =]

March 3, 2010

some of my current obsessions include:

TOPSHOP – Everything they make is absolutely haute. I want it all! My favorites at the moment are their “underwear as outerwear” designs. Lingerie styles were all over the runways of Fashion Week and TOPSHOP’s designs are enough to get you hot and bothered. Here are some of my favs, buy them at

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN – For the hottest shoes on the planet, look no further than Louboutin. Although his products can be rather pricey, they are to die for. These pairs are my top pics. The Christian Louboutin Macarena  chain-link wedges (shown below) are a must have for summer 2010. To check them all out go to


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