Haute Music: Ag Ag Lady – Tracks are Disappearing

Ag Ag Lady’s most recent release, Tracks are Disappearing is a raucous, brashly loud collection of tracks that range from jarring in-your-face glitch fests to bouncy indie-dance dips with allover the place tempos.  From start to finish the album is a seamless sonic undulation that caroms about your aural cavities and sounds, or rather feels like it could be doing some permanent damage, but it’s not.  It didn’t seem to have intentions of hurting the ear, but the way Ag Ag Lady plays with volume without actually playing with volume posits an interesting side conversation.

The first track, This is the Sound, starts off slow with thinly spliced sheets of ambiance that gradually speed up and thicken as the track moves along and works in a spaced out bass line.  Moving forward, it careens into a profusion of layers, at once overbearing and simultaneously playful, a feeling that’s held up for the rest of the album diverting only to let in the more indie-dance tracks like, Tell Me Baby.  The song Love Affair was treated with a little bit of that indie-danceness with its oddly catchy auto-tuned melody over a tempo that starts out calm and breaks it’s way into a full on adrenaline rush.

There’s a general back and forth between more industrial sounds like in Run into the Wall and the ping-y video game sounds that begin The Other Side.  The vast sonic chasms created by going from clunky and metallic with booming bass to high-pitched glints of techno quirks contributes to that volume play he seems to be doing.  Moving from one end of the sound spectrum to another tricks the ear, which is the album in a nutshell; tyrannical ear tricks.

Article by: Kate Magoc

HAUTE NYC © 2011


Music Monday: Vic Latino

Radio personality & DJ, Vic Latino has been well known in the music industry for several years. Vic Latino has appeared on various radio stations including, ABC, NBC, and FOX. During his 5 year residency at WKTU 103.5, Vic was able to reach #1 on the New York airwaves amongst one of the hardest age groups, men ages 25-54. Now, Vic Latino holds down his hometown of Long Island on his morning show, Vic Latino’s Neighborhood on Party FM. In this Music Monday feature, HAUTE NYC chats with Vic Latino about his love of music.

HAUTE NYC: How did you first start out in the music industry? Did you always look to become a DJ or a radio personality?

Vic Latino: I started out as an intern for Ed Lover and Doctor Dre when they were at MTV.  Actually, it was an opportunity that became available, I fell in love with it and never looked back.

HAUTE NYC:  You have been very successful in electronic dance music, and are signed to ULTRA Records. What do you look for in a song when creating a new ULTRA DANCE album? Is there a lot behind the decision making process?

Vic Latino: I look for songs that are commercially successful when choosing the first cd.  Songs on the second cd are more of a representation of what today’s electronica sound is.

HAUTE NYC:  What has been the greatest experience of your career so far? Why?

Vic Latino: Everyday in the radio/TV and music business lends itself to a great experience for me.  I have been able to take my career full circle, from an intern to now an owner of my very own radio group.  I am constantly surrounding myself with smarter more educated people which are constant avenues of education for me.   To me that is the greatest experience for me, the constant education I receive form my peers in the industry.



HAUTE NYC : The majority of your career has been based in New York City. Has there been any significant changes in the music audience in NYC as far as what listeners want to hear?

Vic Latino: The NY scene as much as it seems has changed, really has not, in fact the only thing that changes in the scene is the way we receive our medium.  In the past radio’s biggest competition was cassette tapes, then vinyl, then cd’s, them pp-3’s now i-pods, but at the end of the day we are all still enjoying music.


HAUTE NYC: You currently appear as radio personality for morning radio show, VIC LATINO’s Neighborhood on WPTY Party FM which is based in Long Island, NY. What do you like most about being a radio personality? Why?

Vic Latino: I love the energy that radio gives me, it allows me to be a part of the avenue that people receive music and news from, I am  the voice that some people come to for music, for news, for information, or just that voice that people come to when they are having a stressful day.

For more Vic Latino, check him out on Party FM 105 or on VicLatino.com