A Haute Minute: Italian designer Pamela Quinzi

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the Chelsea style house of Italian born fashion designer, Pamela Quinzi. Pamela was such a gracious hostess, letting us play dress up with all her gorgeous shoes and dresses. She revealed how she has only been living in New York for only a year, but is infatuated with the city. Born in Rome, Italy, Pamela moved to Milan after high school to study in Europe’s most prestigious fashion university, ISTITUTO MARANGONI.

When asked about her feelings on New York, Pamela replied, “After 10 minutes in Time Square, I knew I had to live in New York! This city bring to my life so much energy every day and inspires my work. I spent the summer in Manhattan and I returned to Italy to pack up my apartment.”

HAUTE NYC: How did your passion for fashion design begin?

Pamela: I really think I was born to be a fashion designer. haha Since I was very young, at the age of 4 years old, I started to designs dresses and shoes. I still have a book that my mom did for me collecting all my small sketches!



HAUTE NYC: Where do you draw inspiration from your designs? Does your own style have any influence on your creative mind?

Pamela: I love the history of fashion. My style reminds me of the baroque allure; all the embroidery, lace, crystals, and the feeling to be a princess! But now, I am a  New York pop princess!

HAUTE NYC: Where can we find Pamela Quinzi designs? What are your plans as a designer for the upcoming year?

Pamela: Right now, I feel very lucky because you can find Pamela Quinzi Design in one of the most fashionable and trendy shops in Manhattan, MODALISTAS, located at the Limelight Market on 6avenue and 21st street! I’m also planning to sell my collection online very soon! I will have more fashion show to promote myself in NY and in Italy! My collection doesn’t really have a season. They are unique pieces, handmade art creations. At least, I like to call theme like that!


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Check out Pamela’s design page – www.pamelaquinzidesign.com

Article & Photos by: Angela Samartano


Haute Looks: Boy Meets Girl USA Fall 2011 Presentation

This past Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending the Fall 2011 Boy Meets Girl USA 2011 Presentation at the Metropolitan Pavilion for New York Fashion Week. Sponsored by Style 360 and Polaroid, the event was one of the most fun experiences of all fashion week. A mixed crowd of editors, bloggers, photographers, and celebrities included the likes of songstress Kat Deluna, the fabulous Jay Alexander, and even Danielle Staub of Real Housewives of New Jersey. The opening of the show consisted of a beautiful performance by Natasha Bedingfield that had every fashion maven in attendance clapping their hands along to the beat.

I was especially excited for the presentation after interviewing the designer, Stacy Igel on both HAUTE NYC and frockOn.com. I have compiled a few of my favorite looks from the show. For all of my thoughts on the event, check out my article on frockOn. xO


My outfit for Boy Meets Girl USA : shirt, belt & blazer: H&M / shirt, tights, & shoes: forever 21

Photos & Article by : Angela Samartano


Haute Minute: Claire Sinclair

Editor Angela Samartano gets a haute minute with the ever popular pin-up girl Claire Sinclair.

HAUTE NYC: How did you first decide to pursue modeling? Although you are only 19 years old, was this always a passion of yours?

Claire: There wasn’t a time in my life where I didn’t want to model. I tried to get signed with an agency when I was 14 to no avail. There was a 5’10 height requirement for most of them. I noticed the websites that a couple of the agents were using to book girls on jobs while I was in meeting with them, and when they declined taking me on, I went home, got on those websites and started acting as my own agent. My mom started helping too and would submit me for tons of stuff. By 15 I was working all the time. I became enthralled with the classic pinup image, and started to realize that I could emulate them with the right hair and makeup. I landed almost every go see/ audition that had to do with anything vintage. I found my niche.



HAUTE NYC: How would you describe your signature style? Does your personal style differ from your professional style as a model? If so, how?

Claire: I’m very fortunate that my personal style and professional modeling style don’t differ at all. I love the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s, and it’s been a while since I’ve done a shoot that wasn’t themed to one of those eras. It’s a dream job for me because most of the time at the end of a shoot I get to keep the wardrobe! So, there is no real line between my personal and professional style at all.


HAUTE NYC: What new projects are in store for Claire Sinclair in the upcoming year?

Claire: This year I’ll be doing a lot of events to promote the new  line “Beach Bash” which features adorable 1950s style beachwear . The designer of all the Bettie Page clothing, Tatyana, is also currently working on the “Elvgren” line soon to be released. Tatyana’s designs for this line will be taken directly from the outfits featured on some of  Gil Elvgren’s famous 1940s and 1950s Pinups. I’ll also be guest starring in Crazy Horse Paris at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas again in April! I couldn’t be more happy about that. Also I’m currently filming this season’s Holly’s World on E!


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Photos c/o : Urszula Stern

For more of Claire Sinclair, check out her website!

Article By: Angela Samartano


A Haute Minute with Dubraska Sosa

Meet the El Diabla of roller derby, Dubraska Sosa. In the latest Haute Minute, HAUTE NYC’s own Angela chats with Dubraska to find out just how intense roller derby can be. Check out FrockOn.com for my full FrockOn 5 interview!

HAUTE NYC: Not everyone may know a lot about roller derby. What insight to the sport can you provide for us about it? Is it difficult to acquire the skills necessary to play?

Sosa: It’s way more than just roller skating in a circle.  There are complex rules and regulations, a large yet really tight community, and a huge amount of personal dedication.  Most derby teams practice four to five times a weeks, so not only is there a huge time commitment but we spend a huge amount of time together as well.

Although it’s seen as a hobby, we are putting so much time and money and effort into derby.  We really put aside our everyday life to be good at rollerderby.  And it’s not just practicing but personal training, running, biking, and staying in shape as well.

My team has been training and practicing intensely for 5 years and we still haven’t made the top ten teams in the country. It takes so much commitment and work.

HAUTE NYC: How would you describe your personal style? Do you feel that roller derby plays a role on the way you dress?

Sosa: I have a really hard time with this kind of questions so i’ll let several of my friends answer it.
Caldwell: kinda hipster, newsie, shoe slut, from the 80’s and 90’s with a bit of crust punk and bike dork, along with a taste for the ironic.

Jen: sharp and put together.  Kinda like a boyish street charm, with fancy butch.  clean

Margo: Eclectic mix of punk but not punk.  Badass.  A perfect blend of function and fashion

Sena: Faggy butch

On any given day I can be wearing a button down shirt with a tie and shoes that are shiny and slippery and make me fall, but next day I could be wearing a ripped shirt with a tiny hat and shoes with holes in them.  I need to be able to ride my bike but still look presentable for work (and for the ladies after work). I don’t know if derby has influenced my personal style that much.  Maybe it’s given me a slightly more sporty edge on some days, but not a huge amount.


HAUTE NYC: What advice can you give to readers interested in roller derby? What can young women do to get their foot in the door?

Sosa: Go and check out your local roller derby league.  Most leagues are self supporting with tight budgets, so all financial help is always welcome, and we love the fans.
If you’re interested in playing roller derby, put on your skates and practice. Check your local league and find out when they hold try outs and practice practice practice – that’s the only way to get better and learn.  Also, be ready to commit yourself to roller derby.  It’s not for someone who wants a half ass hobby, but it’s extremely rewarding.


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A Haute Minute with Lindsey Calla of Saucy Glossie

Lindsey Calla is the style maven behind the super popular fashion blog SaucyGlossie.com. Lindsey has multiple career paths including being a stylist, blogger, and even models. Her impeccable style has been showcased in glossy’s such as Women’s Health, Gilt Groupe, Cosmopolitan, Elle Japan, WWD, and even Vogue.com. I have been following Lindsey’s blog for quite some time and admire her style as well as her work ethic. Lindsey has made appearances on various television stations throughout the country spreading her love of fashion. SaucyGlossie.com is our look into Lindsey’s world, where readers can check out her latest outfits, appearances, and adventures. My fellow FrockOn writer, Collette Osuna and I were able to get a Haute Minute with Saucy Glossie about style & her obsession with New York City.

HAUTE NYC & FrockOn: What is one piece in your wardrobe that you absolutely cannot live without? Why?

Calla: That is such a hard question! I have a black Chanel blazer that I found at a consignment shop in Sydney that I adore.. It has the most amazing buttons with woven edges and gold interlocking ‘C’s.  It will be in my closet forever.. Also lately I can’t live without my new embossed python Coach tote because it fits my laptop in it which is huge.  It’s hard to find a bag that you can fit your life in but still try to pass it off like a regular purse.

HAUTE NYC & FrockOn: You often blog and tweet about being in NYC. What is your favorite part of New York style, opposed to other cities style and trends?

Calla: New Yorkers are expert adapters. You have to be able to go from day to night quickly and be able to handle constantly changing elements like unfavorable weather.  The challenge is looking chic while still being functional.  I also love the glamour and sophistication of the city.. You can dress to impress any day or time of the week and no one will even look twice at you-unless it’s in a good way ;-)

HAUTE NYC & FrockOn: What advice do you have to give for young girls who aspire to have a blog such as yours? How does one become a successful fashion blogger?

Calla: Find a voice and a style and commit to it.. That’s always the hardest part.  Be authentic to yourself and be fearless.  It’s easy to watch other blogs and other styles and get confused or discouraged, but if you are authentic to yourself then you will always have something truly original.  It’s also important to build relationships and trust with brands and designers.. That’s important in any aspect of the industry.

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